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April 22, 2004




I keep saying the following... I can't understand why people don't realize that neither their or others' single and childless lives are likely to stay single and childless for all eternity. In which case, I, as a single and childless person would rather live in a society where everyone chips in when people have kids: it's hard to have kids and yes, there are rewards but - just think of the exhaustion factor, for instance... I'll want help when the time comes. And besides, they're our society's kids too, not just that couple's.

Re changeless lifestyle - one person I can think of off the top of my head who did remain single and childless for all eternity (well, his life) is the Paul Erdos whose "numbers" were recently posted upon at crooked timber. And he helped countless numbers of young couples struggling in academia with small children - among them my parents way back when. (This in addition to the countless numbers of struggling young singles from all over the world that he helped - financially and otherwise.)

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